Cleaner makeup!


NotHealthyDo you use the lids to your mineral containers over and over again, “double dipping,” day after day? There’s a word for that:


Unless you regularly wash the lids, bacteria can grow and hide between the threads along the inside. And, if you pour unused minerals back into the jar, you risk contaminating the entire container of minerals.

Love foiling your minerals? With a Minerals Mate tray, you can wet only a dab or two of your favorite eye shadows and keep your original containers of product clean and dry. Plus, it has a nice, substantial weight to it, so you’ll love how it feels in your hand.

Using Minerals Mate, you can wash the tray regularly, and any leftover minerals can be stored on the tray, covered safely using the matching caps that come with your Minerals Mate. When it’s empty, just wipe it out with an anti-microbial towelette or a cotton pad splashed with alcohol.

Minerals Mate. It’s a great way to keep things clean.


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