About Minerals Mate…

I’m Molly, and I created the Minerals Mate Application & Mixing Tray shortly after I first started using mineral makeup.

Like you perhaps, I was a quick fan of the makeup itself but not a fan of using the lid to the container jar for applying it. That just didn’t make sense. If I poured too much powder into the lid, it was a mess when I was finished doing my makeup to pour leftover powder back into the container. I’m not too compulsive about it, but that just didn’t seem very sanitary to me! And cleanliness is important when it comes to your complexion.

I also wanted more room for getting just the right amount of minerals on my brush. I needed more space for my brushes, especially while trying samples. I love samples! But try twirling or rapping your makeup brush on the lid to one of those tiny jars!

No, there had to be a better way to apply minerals (or any other type of makeup, for that matter). So, I created the Minerals Mate Application & Mixing Tray.

I believe Minerals Mate is the next logical step in the mineral makeup evolution. Or, revolution. You have your makeup brushes. Now, get a bigger place to use those brushes, and voila – you’re set to master your minerals and love them even more.

As one Minerals Mate fan said, “It makes me feel like an artist, and isn’t that what makeup is all about?”



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