Perfect for pigments and traditional makeup, too!

As seen in…

  Recently appearing in New York magazine, the lovely and talented Red at Play Minerals Mate...

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‘Red at Play’

LOVE SALE! $3 off through February 15! Lipstick. Nail polish. And shoes! Red is a woman’s color and this fun...

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‘Double Platinum’

Subtle but dramatic and oh, so pretty, this black-on-dark-gray Minerals Mate tray goes with just about any vanity...

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Products Pouch

This red satin pouch is ideal for holding makeup brushes or even your jars of mineral makeup products! It...

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‘Muddy Mate’

Fall 2015: OUT OF STOCK; ON BACK-ORDER. This is no lightweight Minerals Mate. Well, it’s light in weight but...

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‘Luxefoliator’ Cloth

Introducing the Luxefoliator™ Cloth, from the makers of Minerals Mate! It’s the softest facial cloth you...

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‘Luxefoliator’ Mitt

Introducing the Luxefoliator™ Mitt! Luxurious as the cloth but in a handy mitt size. It’s the softest...

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Blending Puff

If you like to dampen your minerals and sponge them on, the Minerals Mate Blending Puff is perfect for you. Free...

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30-gram Sifter Jar

The click-action rotating sifter of this 30-gram jar rotates to fully open, to half-open, to closed. It’s...

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20-gram Sifter Jar

So, you’re like an artist now with your Minerals Mate tray and are even using it to make your own custom...

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3 Mini Spatulas

These mini spatulas let you blend your minerals with a clean tool every time. Just wash them with a little soap...

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